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"Don't Hate The Foodie, Hate Your Tastebuds"

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

There’s a new girl in town


         It seems like there is a curse over the Main St. building storefront restaurant in Kenansville. Has anyone else noticed how often the restaurant changes in that building? I don’t know why; It’s at a great location right in town. It’s close to the courthouse, many other office spaces, the board of education, and the hospital. It has a parking lot with adequate parking space, and even additional parking across the street. It has plenty of room for dine-in and even has an extended area upstairs. You can also go through the drive-thru if you don’t want to dine in. It appears to have all the amenities to set a restaurant owner up for success, but it also seems that renters are always in and out! Welp, needless to say…there’s a new girl in town, and the owner Buddy said that Madison’s is here to stay!

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Oh, How Things Change


In other parts of the country, having an amazing hot cooked meal in a grocery store is odd. But in the south, it’s the norm. A lot of our grocery stores serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and it’s not just sandwiches and salads. I’m talking a full 3 section delicious meal. And they're usually at a great price.

Ruttabegas, corn, and field peas

Sunday, August 30, 2020

You Won't Feel Like Royalty at China King


I recently visited China King in Kenansville. It wasn’t my first time, and just like every other visit, I left pissed off. I am not going to lie, their food is good. I had a large order of garlic broccoli which so BOMB, and I also had vegetable lo mein. I really enjoyed my food so it sucks that I had such a bad experience.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Mae’s Grill…the Legacy Continues

   There are always those people whose food you will never turn down. My friend Kiona Bowen and her mom Marcella McClarin are those people lol. Kiona and I have been friends since middle school so I have had many meals from their house, and I promise you I have never had anything from them that I didn’t like. When I found out that Mrs. Marcella was opening up a brick and mortar, Mae’s Grill and Catering, I was stoked! Now I don’t have to feel like a nuisance when I beg them to cook me something. I can just go to the grill and get it anytime.

    Mae’s was named after Mrs. Marcella’s grandmother Lessie Mae Bowen of Beulaville. She was a legend and used to have a café called Mae’s Country Kitchen in Pink Hill where Mrs. Marcella worked at throughout her childhood. She is the true inspiration behind her love for cooking and all of her skills in the kitchen. The first thing she learned to cook from her mother was homemade biscuits. Come on now, who’s 1st meal is homemade biscuits for goodness sakes!? Usually, you learn how to make eggs, or grilled cheese, something simple and fast, but biscuits! Enough said I don’t even have to finish this column. You get my gist!

Marcella preparing for opening day at Mae's Grill & Catering

    Mae’s Grill isn’t her 1st run at serving delicious meals to the world. She not only grew up working in her mom’s café but has been managing local and chain food locations as well as doing her own catering for many years. Mae’s opened up July 14th and is located at 1660 E. Charity road inside a J’s Mini Mart in Rose Hill. It is a family-owned and operated business. On any given day you can see her husband, children, and other close family members working at the grill.

    I was in the building on opening day getting me, my dad, and my grandmother a plate. I had been wanting some homemade chicken pastry for some time, and although I do know how to make it because of laziness and my carb-conscious mind, I have been pushing my cravings to the side. I also have a slight distrust in people’s chicken pastry. My grandma’s chicken pastry gave me VERY high standards. LOL! I had the yams and potato salad with my meal (yes I went carb crazy, don’t you judge me)! And baaaaybiii! It was delicious! I had to force myself not to finish the entire plate so that I would have some left for dinner. I kept going into my plate and getting one bite at a time throughout the day. The pastry definitely passed my test and the potato salad was amazing! I like my potato salad creamy and sweet with not too much relish or pickle cubes.

    Although Mrs. Marcella says that she doesn’t have a favorite style of cooking, her heart in the kitchen belongs to soul food. She said it is her passion. They have so many options, and the breakfast, lunch, and dinner specials change daily. They also sell items off the grill such as cheeseburgers, chicken salad, and wings. You won’t be disappointed with anything you get from there. To make it even better, they are just friendly, loving, good ol' country folk that want to fill your tummy and your spirit. You might come in for a good soul food plate and get some encouragement as well, and for those reasons, I give Mae’s Grill & Catering an A+!

You can check out their website for more information about their story, hours, and photos of their food at www.MaesGrillAndCatering.com

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Trio Sabroso – A Thanksgiving Miracle


I dropped off my vehicle, I call him Roscoe, at a mechanic shop in Teachey last week. I had my mom come pick me up, and we somehow wandered into Wallace instead of going straight home. It was later in the evening, so I was beginning to get hungry. I decided I wanted to go to The Last Taino, a food truck that I wrote about in a previous column. I follow them on Instagram and have loved everything I have tried from their food truck so far. Unfortunately, they were not open that day. On the way to their truck, we passed another food truck that caught my eye because it was bright green. I was thinking, “That is an interesting looking food truck". I was curious about what it was, but I had my mind set on The Last Taino, so I drove right by it.
Once I figured out I had to find something else to stuff my face with I figured what the heck, why not try it out. It’s located on Norwood Street in Wallace. So it’s right in town on one of the main roads. It’s not too far from Bill Carone Chevrolet and it is also where the stockyard is (on the opposite side of the road). Once I arrived, I realized that it wasn’t Mexican food but instead Salvadorian food so my first instinct was to get the pupusas because I already knew I liked them. I usually get pupusas from El Sol restaurant in Faison. I wrote about them in last month’s column. I decided to be brave and try something new.
It’s called Trio Sabroso which translates to “good tasting food”. It is owned by Yully (jewl-e) Martinez and her 22-year-old son Nelson Martinez. They opened it up Thanksgiving 2019 when they set up at the popular Thanksgiving Day flea market event that typically hosts many food trucks. It was a Thanksgiving Day miracle because the truck did very well which is why they now set up every day in Wallace and are open to doing events as well. Yully has always wanted to sell food. Before having a food truck, she would sell plates on the weekends, according to her son who I spoke with about their restaurant.
Nelson Martinez, Yully Martinez, and Carlos Martinez

I had the baleadas. It is a Honduran dish that is also found in El Salvador. It is a flour tortilla folded like a taco with beans, eggs, cheese, avocado, and your meat of choice inside; I added sour cream. I went with chorizo. I was scared to get the chorizo because it is normally spicy, but their chorizo wasn’t very spicy. I guess you can say I had breakfast for dinner, Honduran style. I liked it. It wasn’t as good once I warmed it up, so I would definitely suggest eating it fresh. I also had their purple cabbage slaw. It had a vinegar base to it. It was different but it complimented the taste of the baleadas well.

The feel like the food was very authentic, and Nelson confirmed that when he told me, “not many people know how to make good traditional pupusas around here”. The only downside to my visit was I did not feel very welcomed. She was not rude, but I almost feel like we caught them when they were ready to go, and so she was kind of short with me. It may have also been a language barrier. Either way, it wasn’t a bad experience that would prevent me from going back, so I give them a B.