"Don't Hate The Foodie, Hate Your Tastebuds"

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"Don't Hate The Foodie, Hate Your Tastebuds"

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Everything Is Better In Chocolate

A couple days ago I received an invite to a Christmas networking event, and honestly, I was debating if I wanted to go because it started at 7:30am. I don't know why I cared though because I wake up around 5:30 every morning like clockwork for some reason. The one thing that caught my eye was the wonderful statements "Free Food", and "Chocolate Covered Bacon". I had never had chocolate-covered bacon, but I knew that I loved both chocolate and all things swine. So I had to go try it out!

I am not a big sweet and salty person, but it was actually pretty good. I don't think I will be making it anytime soon. I think I will keep mine separate, but it wasn't bad. For anybody that has a sweet and salty taste palate, you would love it. I shared with a couple people and they loved it, so I suggest everyone try it out at least once. You never know. I also heard it's good with Cayenne pepper for all my spice lovers.

Have you ever tried it? Leave us a comment!

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