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"Don't Hate The Foodie, Hate Your Tastebuds"

Monday, January 16, 2017

Boise Hot Spot

I lived across the street from the Boise Tech Mall for a whole year before I ever stepped foot in there, but once I did, I was amazed at all that was in there. I was most excited to find the 2nd floor area where you could eat or just hang out and have a beer or a cup of tea. The Boise Tech Mall restaurant is hidden away, and I feel that people should definitely know about it, and check it out. I sat down with the new restaurant owner, Zach Dummermuth, to hear his story, and I was able to even enjoy a few samples. I went in thinking I would have a little sample of one dish, and was pleasantly surprised to show up to 3 full dishes. He definitely spoiled me, and after that, it was over for the day for me. Straight to the couch I went, just me and my leftovers. Check out the 3 dishes he prepared for me along with my interview with him! 😃

The 3 dishes he prepared for me were:

1.)Avocado BLT: This was a more simple and classic dish, that would be good for those on the go or those who have shorter lunches. The bread was toasted just right, and I enjoyed his refreshing homemade avocado spread.

2.) Chicken Tortellini Alfredo: He used a mixture of green pasta and regular pasta and also added red pepper flakes on top to create a nice colorful dish. It was very creamy, and although I am not a fan of spices, he did a great job of putting just enough red pepper to give it just a hint of spice. The alfredo sauce was homemade, but had a lot of flavor which I enjoyed.

3.)Whole Tech Mall: This was the burger of all burgers. When he bought out this dish, I think I probably looked like an owl because of how big my eyes got. I did not expect to see a burger that big. He laid the plate in front of me and said, "I call this, the whole tech mall", and I completely understood why. That thing was huge!

Boise Hot Spot Interview

Boise Tech Mall 
1550 S. Cloverdale Rd (corner of Overland & Cloverdale)
Boise, ID 83709

Disclaimer: These meals were courtesy of the owner, but did not influence my review. These are my honest opinions based off of my thoughts and experience during my visit at the Boise Hot Spot.

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