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"Don't Hate The Foodie, Hate Your Tastebuds"

Monday, October 30, 2017

Dine Out Downtown Boise Restaurant Week

This weekend kicked off the 2017 Dine out Downtown Boise Restaurant Week! From Friday, October 27th - Sunday, November 5th, you can enjoy culinary experiences all over downtown Boise, and receive great deals, new creations, and more! It all began on Wednesday, October 25th with a VIP experience at the Basque Museum Cultural Center. Local celebrities such as news anchors and reporters (including a few of my favorite Ch 6. ladies), area chefs, and local food bloggers were all invited to try just a few of the places that were participating in this year's festivities. Being a food tour guide with Indulge Boise allotted me the opportunity to be apart of that list, and oh the joy I felt when I received the invitation!

If I am going to be able to delight in such a wonderful event, who better to do it with then some of the Indulge team. We are always trying to make sure that our tour guests have an amazing time, and enjoy everything that they are eating and drinking, but this day it was about us. We were on the other end of the plate; tasting, asking lots of questions and making decisions on our possible future dining plans, and it was such a great experience.
During the tour, I tried all types of things, and I can honestly say, I liked them all except for one beer I tried. I am not really into beer anyway, but I went in with an open mind and before I even walked in the door, I had already decided to try everything. The places that were a part of this event were Leku Ona, Bacon, Zeppole, Red Feather/Bittercreek, Bonefish Grill, Ballard Family Dairy and Cheese, Coiled Wines, Cinder Wines, Longdrop Cider Co, Barbarian Brewing, and White Dog Brewing. A lot right! Well, guess what!? That is only a very small portion of the places that are participating in Downtown Boise Restaurant Week! Here are my top picks from the event:

  1. Pork belly and grits from Bacon: OMG! Can you say delicious!? One thing I had to get used to when I moved to Idaho was eating potatoes for breakfast and not rice or grits. Yes, I know, I can always just go to the store to buy and cook some, but it's not the same I tell ya! I have found 3 places now that have grits in the Treasure Valley, but hands down Bacon had the closest version to what I am used to. Not only were the grits have the correct thickness (most places make them too loose or way too thick), but they had the most amazing bourbon molasses sauce drizzled all over it. The pork belly was so tender and good, I couldn't help but to dig in with my hands. I didn't care who was looking! I have been thinking about that dish almost every day since then.
  2. Fried cheese from Ballard Family Dairy and Cheese: There was an amazing spread of different cheeses on the Ballard Family table, and I am almost certain I tried each one at least twice (minus the jalapeno one). My favorite ones were the honey cheese (which surprisingly wasn't sweet, but had more of a salty taste to it), the Gouda cheese, the lime garlic(sounds weird, but it tastes like Olive Garden lol), and my absolute favorite was the fried cheese. I have of course tasted cheese sticks, but never plain fried cheese. It was cooked to perfection with a golden crisp outside and a yummy warm inside. I am still puzzled how he kept it from melting while he was frying it, but go you Mr. Cheese Fryer Man! You rocked it!
  3. Favorite drink goes to the Electric Cherry Cider from Longdrop Cider Co.:  Again, I'm not a beer/ale/cider drinker, but man was that thing good! It was very smooth, sweet, fruity, and cold.  I can now say, I am not so judgmental when it comes to drinks of its kind. From now on, I won't be so quick to shut them down without giving them a try.

Here are more photos from the event!

Whether you want to try a new creative dish, or just want to find great happy hour deals after work this week, there is still time! So just grab a friend, colleague, or your family and go enjoy Dine Out Downtown Boise Restaurant Week while you still can! No tickets, passes, or coupons are required!

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