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"Don't Hate The Foodie, Hate Your Tastebuds"

Sunday, August 30, 2020

You Won't Feel Like Royalty at China King

    I recently visited China King in Kenansville. It wasn’t my first time, and just like every other visit, I left pissed off. I am not going to lie, their food is good. I had a large order of garlic broccoli which so BOMB, and I also had vegetable lo mein. I really enjoyed my food so it sucks that I had such a bad experience.

    Why might you ask….because they are so RUDE! We’ll maybe I shouldn’t say “they”. All my negative interactions have been with the same guy. I am not sure if he is the owner but he seems to always be there and somehow is always the person that takes my order. He barely speaks when you come in. He gives you a hard time no matter what you try to buy, and he is always so short with you with all his smart comments. On my last visit, he would not accommodate me at all. I felt like I was asking for very simple and easy things, but maybe not. First, I asked for lo mein instead of rice. Most places just charge you an upcharge fee for it but he told me I couldn’t do that at all. I was told I had to get rice and then I can order a full large order of lo mein which I clearly let him know I was not trying to do. I let that go and just ordered it separately. I then asked could I have some mushrooms added into my food. Again, I never have problems with this request at any other location but no…he wasn’t having it. Lastly, I asked for a couple extra packs of duck sauce. Why did I have to ask multiple times for something so simple.

    I was sitting there thinking, HELLO! You live in Duplin County. We are in the south baby, you need to get some southern hospitality in your soul! It’s the closest Chinese restaurant to my house so I continue to go there, but I think that was my last visit for a while. I was so frustrated from going through that every time I come in, that I left a review right there while I was waiting on my food. I was not surprised to see all of the numerous negative Google reviews. At least I know he doesn’t just hate just me. Good food…but customer service is important to me, so I give China King a C.


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