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"Don't Hate The Foodie, Hate Your Tastebuds"

Somebody Tip Teresa

Somebody Tip Teresa...PLEASE!

Everybody needs someone to look up to in life, and the same applies to cooking! Well, I was fortunate enough to find someone, and she goes by mini me...oops, I meant Teresa. In 2012, I met my #FoodieHero. Someone who not only loves food as much as I do, but can cook anybody right out their own kitchen! Of course soul food is her specialty, but don't underestimate her because she will whip up a gourmet meal on you real quick. Then she has the NERVE to also cook meals from different cultures, and bake old fashioned desserts. And did I mention she can make a mean sangria! Even though I am literally on the other side of the country, I still call and bug her to get cooking tips. I often joke that her food is so good, I feel like I should tip her. It only feels right.
Now back to how I came to know my little oompa loompa, Reese Cup as I call her. After graduation, I started working at the same place where she had started just a couple months prior. We held the same position, and therefore, had to coordinate our lunches so that one of us was always working. During those conversations, we also talked about what we brought to lunch that day, and even traded lunches a few times. After a while we turned into a little food gang everyone called "The Lunch Crew". The lunch crew also had a 3rd member who I like to call Taaaaangie. Tangela wasn't big on cooking, but she always spoiled us by ordering us take out. Hey gotta mix it up sometimes right? Eventually Teresa promoted to another position allowing us to be able to go to lunch together, and through our many break room conversations, meal preparation talks and coordinations, we became sisters.

On a personal note, Teresa has a hilarious husband named Rafael, 3 brilliant children named Anthony, Essence, Doodle, and a very spoiled dog named Vickie. She loves working with children and in her spare time, likes to watch her Carolina Panthers, spend time trying new things with Rafael, and hosting gatherings at their beautiful home. 
Teresa's segment on #ItsAFoodieThang is going to be very helpful for new cooks, or people who are just looking for tips. She is going to be giving us the inside scoop on some of her favorite recipes as well as some of her helpful cooking tips. Also, #ItsAFoodieThang will be doing reviews and interviews. Teresa will cover the East Coast while I cover the West Coast.

If you would like to reach out to Teresa for advice, you can post your questions on this page!


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